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Eyelash Extensions

Classic and Volume Lash Enhancement


Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing beauty treatments both in the UK and internationally. Semi permanent eyelashes enhance your natural lashes by adhering a synthetic individual eyelash to each natural eyelash using the finest medical grade adhesive that is EU compliant and comes with an allocated ISO number.  Light, comfortable, natural and available in various curls, lengths and thicknesses, Lash Perfect eyelashes are made of the highest quality materials and provide the best choice for your salon or spa.


Lash extensions are semi permanent and can last up to 8-12 weeks (with infills), depending on your natural lash growth cycle. To keep your lashes at their very best, we recommend infill maintenance every 2-3 weeks.


Classic? Individual? Volume? Russian? what is the difference?


Classic Eyelash Extensions (AKA individual lashes) involves the process of applying a single synthetic eyelash to every one of your own natural eyelashes. These can vary in thickness and length depending on the look you want to achieve. Up to 1 hour 30 minutes should be allowed for this treatment.


Volume Lashes (AKA Russian lashes) involves a similar process of applying synthetic lashes to your own natural lash however volume lashes are super light weight and can be fanned out to create a fuller look, often filling in gaps where the natural lashes are sparse . These fans can be created using anything from 2 to 6 synthetic lashes depending on the level of volume you want to achieve (this is sometimes known as 2D,3D,4D etc). A common misconception is that volume lashes are much heavier than their classic sisters, however this is incorrect. Even when applying a fan of volume lashes to one of your own natural lashes, the fan is still lighter in weight creating a full and fluffy look. Up to 2 hours should be allowed for this treatment.

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