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Just how important is my home skincare regime?

Very important!

Consider this. You may visit your hygienist or dentist for a deep clean–but you’d still brush your teeth at home morning and night. It’s the same principle for your skincare! We call it the 60:1 rule. When you come into clinic on a monthly basis for your professional, intensive treatments, during that month you will have had 60 opportunities to treat your skin at home. When you treat your skin at home every morning and evening, you’re not only going to see a huge improvement in your skin, but you’ll also get better results from your in-clinic treatment! 

45 minutes of YOU and your skin, talking from the comfort of your own home. My aim is to work together to come up with a daily routine that you are comfortable with and understand. 

Some examples of topics and questions that can be discussed:

- Confusion around skincare labels, organic? natural? cosmeceutical?

- Time is precious, what can be done to get results around a busy life?

- An in-depth understanding of your specific skin needs. Not all products and treatments are suitable for every skin type

- Help, I don't know where to start 

- Myths!

- "My friend used X, Y and Z and got amazing results on her lines/blemishes/pigmentation etc. why didn't it do anything for me?"

- Education on popular ingredients that are currently on the market e.g 'Retinols', 'AHA's', 'Growth Factors'

-"I wear SPF on holiday, and I have it in my make up, surely that's enough?"

The price of the consultation is redeemable against any products you purchase, although there is no obligation. This time really is about you and getting from it whatever you need.

If you want to know more please either fill out the form in the contact section and I will call you back or email me direct on

I look forward to working with you!

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